5 Ways to Save Money on a Redmi

Let's talk about the redmi best mobile under 12000

The Redmi series of smartphones is the best-selling in India, with over 10 million units sold since its introduction into the market. While some new models have come out since then, the 3rd generation Redmi phones are still a popular choice for many people. We have listed here the redmi best mobile under 12000.

redmi best mobile under 12000

PROS of Buying/Using Redmi Phones

  • They have great design, and they offer flagship specs for mid-range prices.
  • Plus, you can root Redmi phones without voiding the warranty.
  • You can get a great phone for less than ₹12000 ($146.19). That’s an incredible value. Redmi phones also have great designs.
  • They’re well-built and look good. Plus, they come in a variety of colors to suit your style. Flagship specs for mid-range prices are another big selling point of Redmi phones.
  •  You can get a phone with a powerful processor, plenty of RAM, and a great camera for under ₹12000 ($146.19).
  • Finally, you can customize your phone however you want without worrying about losing your warranty coverage.
redmi best mobile under 12000

CONS of Buying/Using Redmi Phones

  • While Redmi phones are known for being affordable and packed with features, they can sometimes be buggy.
Snapdragon Processor Mobile Under 10000

Here are a few redmi best mobile under 12000

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Redmi 10A Sport

If you’re looking for a great smartphone with a powerful rear camera, the Redmi 10A Sport is a great choice.

Features of this smartphone

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Redmi 9 Activ

Redmi 9 Activ is the best mobile under 10000.

Features of this smartphone

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The Redmi 9 Activ is a budget-friendly phone that doesn’t skimp on features. 

Features of this smartphone

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realme narzo 50A

The realme narzo 50A is one of the best budget phones you can buy right now.

Features of this smartphone


Redmi 10

The Redmi 10 is a great phone for anyone looking for a budget-friendly option that doesn’t sacrifice features.

Features of this smartphone

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Redmi 9 Prime

The Redmi 9 Prime is a budget-friendly smartphone that comes with some great features.

Features of this smartphone

3GB ram mobile under 7000 with fingerprint


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